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Flip4Mac WMV Player: Bend Windows Media To Your Will!

Published November 15th, 2006

Flip4Mac WMV Products: Windows Media on Your Mac

Flip4Mac WMV PlayerOriginally downloaded 1/20/06. Back in January, Flip4Mac made their Windows Media Player freeware and introduced a series of value-added products that users could upgrade to. I’ve been using WMV Player ever since, blissfully unaware that certain videos I encounter on the Web are Windows Media, since they look and play just like QuickTime… right in my browser!

It was only when I was working in the latest Leopard build that I realized how much I’d come to depend on Flip4Mac’s free player. The hilarious CNN video introducing the Zune, which I blogged yesterday, was Windows Media, but I couldn’t play it in Leopard because I hadn’t yet installed Flip4Mac. I rectified that oversight earlier today and then decided to upgrade to the WMV Player Pro, since that lets you actually edit WMV files in QuickTime Pro, just as you’d do for regular QuickTime files. Definitely worth the $29, given my proclivities.

This is a great product, and clearly one I can no longer do without.

Version as tested:

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