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Fidelity Market Monitor Widget: The Best Stock Market Widget Bar None

Published November 6th, 2006
Fidelity Market Monitor Widget Fidelity Stock Market WidgetOriginally downloaded 11/1/06. This is an incredible Dashboard widget... far better than the stock widget Apple ships with Mac OS X. Fidelity has gone all-out to provide a comprehensive tool for folks who want to monitor a list of stocks quickly and easily. Not only do you get a configurable "monitor" of your list's performance on the current day, when you select one of the stocks, you can drill down to see a range of charts for the stock, details, and a long list of recent news items. Just like you could by going to one of the stock market websites, but far easier and without interrupting your current activity unduly. The widget's design is superior as well, with thoughtful touches such as a "widget" that lets you slim the widget down to a smaller footprint when it's not in use. If you like to track stocks, you've got to get this one!

Version as tested: 1.0 beta.

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