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Disco: A Smoking Disk Burner for the Mac

Published November 15th, 2006
Disco: Let out your inner pyromaniac Disco Disc Burning SoftwareOriginally downloaded 11/14/06. This cute little app certainly has generated a lot of talk, most of it negative it seems. In a recent post, John Gruber pointed out several of them. While not piling on, Gruber didn't come to Disco's defense either. This all strikes me as really odd... like app interface envy, or something. Disco is a gorgeous little utility that worked perfectly well when I tried it to make a disk image just now. What's more, it's incredibly simple and easy to understand. I can't imagine why Laurie Duncan, who wrote of Disco at TUAW, had a bee in her bonnet about Disco... I think it's just that she doesn't like black interfaces. Whatever... I'm going to try it out some more and actually burn a disk with it so I can see the smoke! :-) I'll be surprised if I think it's worth paying for, but I seriously doubt I'll think it has usability issues.

Version as tested: 1.0b4.

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