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NoteBook: A Popular, Innovative Notebook-Style Information Manager

Published November 9th, 2006

NoteBook - Powerful outlining & organizing for your ideas

Circus Ponies NotebookOriginally downloaded 11/8/06. Circus Ponies NoteBook is hardly new… in fact, the reason it doesn’t appear in my November 2006 article on personal information managers is that I had tried it out a couple of years ago, and decided at the time that it wasn’t for me. However, times change, and so does software. The latest version of NoteBook looks very interesting indeed, with strong support for application services and contextual menus as ways of importing data. You can set these up yourself for individual notebooks and even individual sections. It also has some powerful methods for presenting and organizing digital media and for exporting notebook information to HTML. As a newcomer to NoteBook, I found the website’s set of screencasts to be a great introduction to the product and look forward to seeing what it can do for me.

Version as tested: 2.1 (v252).

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