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SurfRabbit: Customize Web Sites in Safari

Published October 6th, 2006

SurfRabbit: The Web, The Way You Want

SurfRabbit Web Page CustomizerOriginally downloaded 1/26/06. What a great idea! It’s an extension of the idea of using custom style sheets, but has an interactive tool for actually changing columns and other content blocks around. Can’t wait to try it! It’s only for Safari and Shiira.

Update 2/6/06. When first trying SurfRabbit (version 1.0.1), some really strange things started happening to my browsing sessions. Rather than spend time trying to debug the problem, I turned SurfRabbit off.

Update 10/6/06. SurfRabbit still strikes me as a potentially marvelous tool that goes way beyond ad-blockers and such to let the end user see the content they want… rather than the irrelevant content the publisher foists on you. However, when I tried it again today after many months, I wasn’t able to customize any sites at all. SurfRabbit comes with prebuilt “Rabbits” (customized websites) for a lot of the sites I visit—particularly Mac-related sites like MacSlash, AppleInsider, MacRumors, MacDailyNews, etc.—and those do seem to work. But I can’t seem to get access to the tools SurfRabbit provides for building new “Rabbits.” I sent an inquiry to the developer, and we’ll see how that goes. I’m not giving up on it yet…

Version as tested: 1.2.1.

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