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Relaunch: Menubar Shareware Launches Apps in “Snapshot” Groups

Published October 4th, 2006

Relaunch: Automatically start applications and documents by taking Snapshots to be launched later

Relaunch Menubar LauncherOriginally downloaded 10/4/06. This sounds cool… although I already have this function in iKey.  In iKey, I can define groups of apps and documents to launch in one fell swoop of the mouse, but it sounds like Relaunch lets you define groups by what’s currently active on your system.  That could be useful… especially if you can easily edit the groups, name them, etc.  Of course, iKey costs more than $5, but it also does more than this one trick.  I do like the Relaunch icon, though!  And I’m downloading it to see what it really does.

Version as tested: 1.3.1.

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