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Life Balance: Software as Personal Coach

Published October 2nd, 2006

Life Balance software for the most productive people on the planet

Originally downloaded 1/6/06. Life Balance Personal Manager SoftwareThis sounds great, if it integrates with the rest of the desktop well. There’s a 30-day trial, which I haven’t downloaded yet.

Update 10/2/06. OK… I finally got around to downloading Life Balance. It’s clearly the kind of software that wants to be the focus of your attention, and I just haven’t had that much attention to share lately. Which is why I need a personal coach like Life Balance in the first place… something’s gotta help me balance all the activities I want to be involved in and new things to try, plus family and job obligations. I’ll give Life Balance a good look and 30 days to show me its stuff.

Version as tested: 3.2.8.

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