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JES Deinterlacer: Tools To Clean Up Your Mac Movies

Published October 19th, 2006
JES Deinterlacer JES Deinterlacer Video FreewareOriginally downloaded 10/19/06. This developer has several useful-sounding video utilities available as freeware. I don't pretend to understand the technical nuances of digital video, but I do know that I'm not 100% pleased with the QuickTime videos I've posted, and if this can help clean up the jaggies and help with noise reduction and color correction, I'll be ecstatic! Here's a quick list of the things JES Deinterlacer purportedly does:
  • Deinterlace movies (half height/normal height/double frame rate/blend,adaptive/simple).
  • Change field dominance (for PAL films with fake interlace).
  • Reinterlace from one or two movies.
  • Standards conversion (PAL<->NTSC or custom).
  • Inverse telecine.
  • Trim, shift, simple color correction, noise reduction.
  • Change encoding (RGB gamma, video range/full range).
  • Fix jagged edges.
  • Pitch preserving sound track for half speed.
  • Change movie speed, reverse movie.
  • Interlaced in/out, progressive in/out.
  • Includes utility to view and edit image description extensions and movie and track geometry

Version as tested: 3.1.1.

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