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iSquint: iPod Video Made Free and Easy

Published October 22nd, 2006

iSquint - an iPod video conversion tool

iSquint iPod Video FreewareOriginally downloaded 12/22/05. iSquint is one of several video-to-iPod video tools that have sprung up in the wake of the vPod. This one’s free… iSquint claims to convert to iPod video “…many times faster than QuickTime Pro.”

Update 8/03/06. The developers of iSquint now have a commercial product called VisualHub that takes video conversion to another level (one worth paying for, presumably).

Update 12/19/06. If you don’t want to pay anything but want a quick, easy, and reliable tool to convert video for your iPod, you can’t go wrong with iSquint. Sure, the developer wants you to upgrade to VisualHub (and isn’t shy about letting you know!), but the fact is that he continues to enhance iSquint and keep it up to date. For example, iSquint was last upgraded in October to version 1.5, which adds support for the new 640×480 iPod resolution for h264 video, and you can also now convert Flash 8 videos to play on your iPod! Here’s a developer who understands that goodwill generated through a great, free product like iSquint will develop into new customers for the upgraded product. :-)

Version as tested: 1.5.

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