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IP: Menubar Utility for Your IP Address(es)

Published October 9th, 2006

IP makes life easier for users with many or often-changing IP addresses

IP Address SoftwareOriginally downloaded 6/26/06. This software runs as a small icon in your menubar that displays your various IP addresses. It offers basic functions like copy/paste for your address and can also email or FTP changes to your IP for you. IP is donationware, and the basic functions are free. If you want to regularly use the email/FTP functions, it’ll cost ya $6.00. I use a Dashboard widget for this kind of thing at the moment, but it might be more useful to quickly access my IP info from the menubar. Most other menubar utilities want to display your whole IP address there, which just takes too much room! IP lets you choose an icon instead.

Update 10/9/06. After much angst I decided to go with BwanaDik instead of IP for this functionality. IP is a very good little application, but BwanaDik is totally free and matches it function-for-function… and then some. For a full report, see my October 2006 article on IP address “clocks”: Does Anybody Really Know What Their IP Address Is?

Version as tested: 5.5.

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