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Hazel: A Thoughtful Cleanup Assistant

Published October 27th, 2006
Hazel: An object at rest... will remain at rest... Hazel Housekeeping SoftwareOriginally downloaded 10/27/06. It sounds like Hazel is attempting to do more than most other "house cleaners" you can get for your Mac. Unlike the rest, Hazel is proactive, constantly busying herself in the background as new tasks arise, following your instructions for how to do the cleaning. Hazel can file, create folders, put labels on folders, add notes to files, and so on. The latest version has integration with iLife, Spotlight, and Automator to help integrate Hazel fully into your workflow. Now, this is a concept I can't resist trying out. The key questions will be: How much work does it take to "train" Hazel? Does Hazel really stay out of the way while I'm trying to work? And, Does Hazel make mistakes that require more work to clean up than doing the work myself originally? At $16, Hazel will have to be pretty damn good to entice me to keep her around. :-)

Version as tested: 1.1.

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