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XTorrent: Advanced BitTorrent Client for Mac OS X

Published September 21st, 2006

XTorrent. BitTorrent for Mac OS X.

XTorrent BetaOriginally downloaded 9/21/06. Yes, I know I just downloaded BitRocket the other day… but XTorrent just became available as a public beta on Monday!  Another beautiful interface from the developer who brought us Acquisition and NewsFire, XTorrent aims to make Torrenting even easier than it already is.  Like BitRocket, XTorrent builds in a search tool, and it appears to have more sophisticated progress monitoring as well as a “high performance torrent core.”  (Gee, everybody’s into marketing nowadays, aren’t they?)  Definitely worth a try, particular since I haven’t been terribly impressed by BitRocket so far (more on that another time).  No word yet on whether this will be free or not, but I’d be surprised if someone tried to charge for a Torrent client.  Since he charges for Acquisition, though, it’s entirely possible.

Version as tested: b1v12.

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