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XMeeting: New Mac OS X Videoconferencing Software Is Successor to oPhoneX

Published September 16th, 2006
XMeeting - Powerful Videoconferencing Solutions for Mac OS X XMeeting Videoconference ClientOriginally downloaded 9/16/06. When I downloaded OhPhoneX back in May, the website indicated that XMeeting was in development, and sure enough.... here it is! Where OhPhoneX supported H.323 only, XMeeting also supports SIP. The development team has a vision of providing videoconferencing and, theoretically, VOIP services that would be a nonproprietary alternative to similar service from Skype. As such, they're covering similar ground to Gizmo. In any case, I'll give the new software a whirl to see how it works.

Version as tested: 0.3.2

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