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Synthimax : Image Synthesis for OS X

Published September 4th, 2006
Synthimax : Image Synthesis for OS X Synthimax Image SoftwareOriginally downloaded 9/3/06. Synthimax sounded a lot like Quadrium to me, so I decided to download it to see what it could do. Unfortunately, the developer has locked the demo down so tightly it's impossible to evaluate. All you can do is see the interface (which isn't much to look at, by the way), because all the images are "degraded". You also can't save anything you make or generate animations. Word to the wise... this isn't the way to market software to software addicts. :-) It just gets us frustrated and nasty. I still think Quadrium and its related products can probably do a better job than Synthimax, and they've had more time to mature as well. Plus, the Gandreas Software developer lets you play with his toys fully before deciding to buy or not---now that's shareware!

Version as tested: 1.1.2

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