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Touvaly: Utility App Makes Pseudo Copies of Files, Folders, CDs, Volumes

Published August 31st, 2006
Touvaly lets you create virtual catalogues of collections of files using very little space Touvaly Pseudo Copying SoftwareOriginally downloaded 8/31/06. Touvaly is a bit pricey ($25) for what it does, but what it does may be more complicated than I realize. Nevertheless, with a move to a laptop in the works, and a desire to share collections of apps, music, users, and more across different versions of Mac OS X in a limited amount of disk space, Touvaly may be just the ticket. I had thought of trying simply aliasing the directories, as I do currently for some things. But this might be better when dealing with large collections. The software is available for a limited-time trial.

Version as tested: 1.1.3

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