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Macworld Confirms Mac Pro Is Way Less Expensive Than Comparable Dell

Published August 15th, 2006
Macworld: Feature: Comparing prices: Mac Pro versus PCs Macworld has published an excellent, detailed article comparing prices on the new Mac Pro line with those on Dell's Precision Xeon-based line. The article is accompanied by a very thorough table showing all the specs for each machine, and the end result is unmistakable--and should be un-debatable, too: The Mac Pro dual-2.66GHz Zeon (dual core) is more than $1,000 less expensive than the Dell Precision 690 with nearly identical hardware specs. The Mac Pro comes in at $3,048, while the Dell will cost you $4,395! They can't be identical, of course, so here's what I can see of the differences in a quick scan:
  1. Apple (+): 16GB RAM, Dell (-): 8GB
  2. Dell (+): Faster Superdrive
  3. Dell (+): Nvidia Quadro FX 3450 is faster than Apple's, both have 256MB VRAM, both 1 dual-link, 1 single
  4. Apple (+): Four configurable PCI Express slots to Dells three non-configurable slots.
  5. Apple (+): Four Firewire inputs, 2 800MB, 2 400MB to Dell's 2 400MB inputs.
  6. Dell (+): Eight USB ports to Apple's 6.
  7. Apple (+): Optical Toslink Audio In and Audio Out, Dell has no optical ports.
  8. Dell (+): Various ports for legacy PC hardware (PS/2, Parallel, Serial)
  9. Dell (+): Dell 19" Ultrasharp 1970FP display (a $250 value bundled for free); Apple has no "free" display
  10. Apple (+): Software!! The usual great Mac bundle, versus nothing on the Dell.
  11. Great job, Macworld! Thanks for documenting this so carefully.
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