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VoodooPad: The Ultimate Personal Wiki?

Published July 16th, 2006
VoodooPad: You Put Your Brain In It VoodooPad Notes SoftwareA couple of years ago, I bought into VoodooPad, buying the pro version after I needed more than 10 pages (or whatever the limit to the Free version was at the time). I soon got disillusioned, though, since VoodooPad's support for text formatting was so weak, and its internal navigation system was pretty bad, too. There were other problems, but that was enough to send me off looking for an alternative. After a long--and unending--hunt, I settled on DevonThink Pro, which after a year I've become quite fond of and grateful for its many powerful features. Now VoodooPad is back with version 3.0, and I've downloaded it take see what's been done with this old fave.
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