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iPiece: Even Young Eyes Can Benefit!

Published July 24th, 2006
iPiece: Get Closer To Your Work iPiece SoftwareNow, here's a little toolbar app that I dismissed without trying when I first read about it. How could I have been so blind? Seriously, iPiece is a very cool magnifying lens that you can summon at will to get a closer look at the tiny pixels on your screen? Why would you want to do this? Well, when you're working with tiny graphics as I do when designing themes for Mac OS X, or when I work on any number of graphics tasks in Photoshop, this will be a heckuva lot easier than shifting around and fooling with the Photoshop "navigator." It could also help when looking at maps online or studying digital art closely. And those are just some ideas for young folks! For us old folks with reading glasses that keep getting weaker, this might take a little strain off the eyes now and then, and it's easier and less intrusive than turning on Mac OS X's built in "Zoom" technology.
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