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Time Says MacBook’s Price Point a Threat to Dell, HP

Published June 9th, 2006 Our first look at Apple's newest notebook Another day, another great reaction to Apple's latest notebook... this one, the Intel-based replacement for Apple's very popular iBook. What Time is most amazed at is the MacBook's price:
The first thing that startled me about the MacBooks were not their glossy white or matte black finishes, nor the fact that they had Intel dual-core processors rather than lower-powered single-core ones. I had expected all that. What surprised me was the price: they start at $1,099, even lower if you are a student.... The MacBook is a powerful and affordable option, especially for people who are uncertain about their Windows future. The next version, Vista, might be a success, but with a MacBook you can hedge your bet. You get a computer that runs both Mac OS X and Windows XP today, and even appears to meet the minimum requirements for Vista once it gets here. Dell and HP should be very worried indeed.
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