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ShowIEL: A Whole Evening of Dazzling Particles

Published June 11th, 2006

ShowIEL is a free utility that allows you to view particleIllusion effects

showIEL animation freewareBelieve me, once you start browsing through Wondertouch’s library of over 1,000 different particle emitters, you won’t want to stop. And it’ll take you at least a whole evening to do so. particleIllusion is Wondertouch’s professional video effects generator, and it comes with its own professional-grade emitter library. Wondertouch publishes a new emitter library each month, and you can stop by to check them out or download the whole kaboodle, a collection that started in 2001. ShowIEL is just for fun, but what a lot of fun it is! You can also save images of emitter animations for later use, and ShowIEL has a very cool “Erase Off” feature that lets emitters “paint” themselves across a canvas (click on the image below to see a larger version). The canvas itself can be a solid color background or a photo or other image file. Note: If you’re a Motion user, Wondertouch also sells emitters for that platform.

Image saved with showIEL

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