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MuseStorm Desktop A Flop in Safari

Published June 28th, 2006
Build Your Own Ajax Desktop! Yippee! If only it were that easy... or actually, if only when you were done you had something worth using! The developer makes too many exaggerated claims for me. First, he promises "The homepage we will create will have most of the capabilities of established homepages like Netvibes, PageFlakes, etc." That's simply bull**it. I ignore PageFlakes because it ignores me, but Netvibes is light years beyond what this tutorial gets you. Then the developer says the MuseStorm "SDK" supports Safari. But he clearly hasn't tried this desktop in Safari! Netvibes works beautifully in all browsers, has far more capabilities, and is nicer looking to boot. I realize this is only a tutorial, but that's not what he leads you to believe. I guess I'll have to add MuseStorm to the list of Ajax developer toolkits... it'll be interesting to see how the rest of the product fares. The desktop is a big FLOP. (By the way, this was linked again from Max Kiesler's mHub, his blog listing cool new Ajax applications. Max obviously doesn't do very much testing before recommending these things, since this is hardly the first time I've been led astray by one of his links.)
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