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Mail Watch: POP/IMAP Mail Monitor with Extras

Published June 26th, 2006
Mail Watch: A discrete application to monitor your various email accounts Mail Watch Email SoftwareThis is the third little utility today I've downloaded from Astrok Software... they seem to have a knack for taking existing apps and adding one or two new features to differentiate them. In this case, Mail Watch can run as either a menubar item or as a floating window, and unlike others it lets you delete mail from the server directly, without opening it in your regular email client. At $6, it's worth a try! I paid about that much for eCheck, a neat little Dashboard widget that does much the same thing, except you can't delete mails... only view the subject line. Earlier, I had used a menubar freeware called MailTicker, which did much the same as Mail Watch but couldn't handle IMAP.
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