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iSticky: A Most Innovative Sticky Note

Published June 8th, 2006

iSticky is your full-featured assistant at home or around the world

iSticky Notes SoftwareOriginally downloaded 6/8/06. I tried out iSticky several times last year when I was looking for a better Sticky Notes app than Apple’s Stickies. iSticky was interesting, but I ultimately bought Sticky Notes, which did nearly everything iSticky does, plus some it didn’t. One of my favorite features of Sticky Notes was that you could attach notes to Applications, so that all your Safari-relevant notes would show up when Safari was active, Mail notes when Mail was active, etc. Sticky Notes is also bonjour-enabled, so you can put sticky notes on the desktops of other folks in your network, and you can link to the filesystem, import iCal To-Do items, and easy organize the tiny window-shaded notes using their built-in “magnetic” personalities. So why look at iSticky again? Well, one or two of the Sticky Notes features needed to be improved, but the developer hasn’t updated it since late 2004. iSticky, on the other hand, has been continually improved, slowly adding many of the features I liked about Sticky Notes. So, we’ll see…

Version as tested: 3.0 beta.

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