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Windows Media Photo? More Evidence Microsoft Wants To Control Everything Digital

Published May 25th, 2006
MacDailyNews: Microsoft wants to replace JPEG with Windows Media Photo Justin Powell in The NET Results Blog has a great put-down for Microsoft's latest stupid, megalomaniac idea: What the world needs is another digital image format! After all, the existing formats are ones Microsoft has no share in, and without ownership, you have no control, and without control....

By the way, to those of you who somehow still have the impression that Apple also wants to control everything: No, it's not the same by a long shot. Apple's only digital format is QuickTime, and QuickTime is based on several open, industry standard formats like MPEG4 and h264. Apple is happy picking the best of existing standards and using those. Apple has no separate digital audio format. (They do have a DRM addition to AAC.) They have no separate digital image format. And QuickTime is a much different, more flexible animal than Windows-Media-Everything Is.

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