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Mossberg Sees Apple’s “Device Model” Gaining Respect

Published May 16th, 2006
Mossberg: In Our Post-PC Era, Apple's Device Model Beats the PC Way This reinforces a theme I and many others have been hammering away at for the last year or two... namely, the "open" PC platform was a mistake that purchasers--mostly business IT departments--swallowed without question, thereby handing Microsoft its current monopoly power. Apple's "tightly coupled" approach was dissed universally among the PC literate as the wrong way. You'd hear these folks talking about PC's being a "commodity" marketplace (whatever that means) that Apple was out of step with. The PC crowd's willingness to buy this argument without question is one of the behaviors that's evidence of what I'm starting to refer to as PC Prejudice. However, in the last few years, the problems with the PC approach have tarnished that model's image a bit, and here Mossberg tries to smear a little more rust to its surface.
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