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Backpedaling on the “Mac Virus Outbreak” Non-Story

Published May 3rd, 2006
MacDailyNews: Unix expert: Mac OS X much more secure than Windows; recent Mac OS X security stories are media hype One of the bad journalists who started this week's anti-Mac ruckus is back, apparently trying to make amends. At his side is a respected Unix security expert who verifies that the outcry the journalist has been hearing from Mac users is justified. Macs are not susceptible to viruses, and Windows is. Macs are better protected by design, not by market share, and Windows are attacked often because it's easy to do so, not because there are so many of them. Makes sense. Of course, as the MacDailyNews editor asks the journalist in question, Stan Beer, "Why the truth now?... Get it right the first time, before you publish it."
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