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Review of Aperture 1.1: Software Has Received A Bad Rap

Published April 28th, 2006
Framed and Exposed: What a Difference a Dot Makes In light of the recent brouhaha about Aperture, which has seen Apple lower the price by $200 (and offer $200 rebates to customers who purchased the 1.0 product at the original price) and disband the team of programmers who built Aperture, Ben Long's new review of Aperture 1.1 tells a more optimistic tale. At $299, the software is more correctly priced and offers many unique features that are ideal for a photographer's workflow.
Apple deserves tremendous credit for Aperture 1.1. In just five months, the company managed to improve a major part of the program -- raw conversion quality -- and not only improve it, but add very capable raw adjustment tools... no matter what kind of Mac you run it on, Aperture 1.1 is a very good upgrade that should set aside a number of Aperture concerns. If you're a photographer who's been considering the application, the new version provides several good reasons to pick up a copy and give it a try.
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