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PC Magazine’s Dvorak Proclaims IE To Be “The Great Microsoft Blunder”

Published April 26th, 2006
Column from PC Magazine: The Great Microsoft Blunder Very interesting how our good friend Paul Thurrott--another traditional anti-Apple, pro-Microsoft bigot--have both come to the same conclusion this month. Here's what Thurrott had to say on this subject in a recent column:
Despite [its] enviable assets, Microsoft has made some mind-numbing mistakes. It (illegally, as it turns out) artificially bundled its immature Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser so deeply into Windows in order to harm Netscape that it's still paying the price for the decision--a full decade later--in the form of regular critical security flaws that have taken away time from developers that might have otherwise been spent innovating new features.

I always suspected these guys drank the same cool-aid, and just because they've finally realized the truth--which many of us realized back when it was happening--doesn't make them smart. It only reveals how bad they are at providing insight and understanding about the PC market and its players. Do they think this will make us trust their current prognostications? Hopefully, taking their blinders off will let more readers see them for what they really are: Microsoft apologists and cheerleaders, period.

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