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MacDailyNews: USA Today’s Kantor Embarrasses Himself Yet Again

Published April 15th, 2006
Andrew Kantor at USA Today: More Anti-Macintosh Drivel Kantor the IdiotWhere do guys like this get qualified to write about the Mac? As MacDailyNews reports, he recently raved about the Ken Burns effect which Microsoft finally added to their iPhoto clone, thinking it was something new and innovative. Good grief! And here he thinks his opinion about the effect of Boot Camp on the Windows/Mac markets will be influential with any thinking tech readers? No, he's just adding more embarrassing quotes to his long, sad, pro-Windows resume. I'm reporting on it here for completeness, and to recommend MacDailyNews' usual excellent rebuttal, not to give Mr. Kantor any more hits (unless you're nearby and want to sock him one for me!)
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