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Display Eater: Screencasting Assistant

Published April 17th, 2006

Display Eater: Start and stop recording without having to render in between…

Display Eater Screencasting Software Originally downloaded 4/17/06.It looks like Display Eater has a couple of new tricks up its screen-capture-to-movie sleeves. This market sure is getting crowded. Looks I may end up getting out my trusty spreadsheet and doing a full roundup one of these days… In the meantime, good old SnapzPro does the trick for me… Display Eater wants to eat $15 of my bucks, so it’ll have to prove itself worthy…

Update 7/25/06 Finally got around to trying out Display Eater as part of a review of all Mac OS X video display capture tools. It didn’t make the cut… See my July 2006 article “Getting Ready for Screencasting: A Review of Video Screen Capture Software for Mac OS X” for more info.

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