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SelfService: Access Mac OS X Services by Drag’n'Drop

Published March 27th, 2006
SelfService: Free Hack Lets You Access Mac OS X Services Via Drag and Drop SelfServiceThis is another hack by Michael McCracken, and a very cool one at that. He was motivated, no doubt, by the same urge everyone who's discovered Services has felt--namely, finding a way to make using them easier. In this approach, you can select any number of your defined Services and float them in tiny translucent windows on your screen. Then, you can simply drag text or files to them to activate the service. Sounds like a great idea!

Image of SelfService windowsFor me, though, I'm filing this one in the wastebin, since it just isn't useful given the way I operate. With Quicksilver set to hide other apps when switching (which really helps keep window clutter under control), the little services windows are never there when I need them. And it's pretty tough to go hunting them down. Not only that, but since the software hasn't been updated in 2 years, it apparently is a little out of date with Mac OS X. It has a lot of trouble accurately listing your services, and the "Reload" button seems to simply load extra copies of your services, rather than doing an entirely new list.

But definitely A for innovation here. It's still a very cool idea, and you might find it works just great for you.

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