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High Priority: iCal To-Do List Menu Extra

Published March 15th, 2006

High Priority lets you manage iCal To-Do lists from the menubar

High Priority To-Do List SoftwareSounds great… but is it worth paying for when the terrific Dashboard widget DoBeDo is free? I’ll give it a try to see. There are times when I turn widgets off, so this would allow me to still get to my to-do lists easily. And it’s only $6.00.

Update 3/18/06 This isn’t going to work for me. There’s no way to navigate to the different to-do lists, which correspond to each calendar in iCal, except to see everything as one huge long list coming out of the menubar. I’ve just got too many to-do’s, I guess. Besides, the DoBeDo widget does all of this, it’s free, and it has a page metaphor for switching between to-do lists. All very neat and tidy.

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