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Blacktree Upgrades Quicksilver Docs: Another Thing of Beauty

Published March 8th, 2006
Check Out New Blacktree Quicksilver Reference! I tend to visit the Blacktree site fairly often--2 or 3 times a week--to check out what pages have changed lately. With no regular communication and no blog, Blacktree hasn't been a model developer in terms of keeping its users updated. Or in terms of educating its users about its incredible invention, Quicksilver, for that matter.

I'm writing this tonight because I was so excited to see that Blacktree has finally put a shell on their documentation that's worthy of the pearl beneath. Someone over there redesigned their wiki, and it's a beaut! You can actually find things in logical places now, for example. The wiki keeps a running list of the pages you've visited, in a little dhtml shade thingy on the side. They finally explain that some of the pages are "private"! And most importantly, they've updated a whole slew of pages, added some new "how-to's", and expanded their list of Quicksilver tutorials out on the web.

Definitely pay a visit if you haven't been there lately... You'll enjoy it!

Quicksilver Documentation Site

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