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MoRU: Spotlight Improved!

Published February 4th, 2006
MoRU: Smarter Searching for Smarter Searchers MoRU search softwareI tried an earlier version of this unique software and was very impressed. It was still too rough for daily use, but these guys have got some great ideas on ways to improve spotlight. This is a new version, and I'll be checking it out.

Update 4/3/06: OK, it's now official! Although MoRU still crashes too often, I found I couldn't live without it when my 30-day trial ended recently. So, I went ahead and forked over $10 to this developer.

MoRU is a seriously cool addition to Spotlight, and far better than anything else I've tried as far as quickly locating files with specific characteristics. MoRU specializes in showing you the most recent files that fit those characteristics, so that attribute comes by default. But MoRU gives you an excellent interface to all of the other thousand things Spotlight can do, which Apple's in-Finder Spotlight search (via saved folders) only hints at.

Like the Finder, MoRU lets you define "Smart Groups", which you can arrange in the sidebar of MoRU's two-column interface. It comes with about a dozen of these already set up--things like

  • Applications last opened
  • Files modified in the last week
  • Photoshop images (last modified)

I've added a few that I use regularly, such as "Latest downloads" and "Old preference files." The task I used it for over the weekend was to compare the contents of my local iDisk with the iDisk at .mac. MoRU can do this easily... by selecting all the files organized by date on one iDisk, and the same on the other. It's easy to eyeball these, and MoRU lets you drag and drop files from its pane into the correct folder without going to Finder. It also has good contextual menus for this kind of thing.

One of its coolest tricks is the ability to extract metadata from samples files. For example, if you want to restrict your search to a certain kind of file that by some small chance doesn't appear in MoRU's choices, you can browse to an example file and ask MoRU to extract the metadata.

Time doesn't permit me to discuss MoRU at the length it deserves, but do yourself a favor and give it a try. It's now an official member of my personal software inventory! MoRU's 30-day trial is nag-free and has no limitations whatsoever.

Moru Interface

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