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Automator Workflow Additions: Beef Up Automator’s Smarts

Published February 5th, 2006
Automator Workflow Additions: Great Automator Add-On Workflows AWA Automator SoftwareMac OS X 10.4 ("Tiger") introduced several new ways for end-users to get delightful, free software from creative developers having fun with the new back-end toys: Dashboard, Automator, and Spotlight. A few intrepid developers have tried to make money from these technologies, but so far, not very much. This set of Automator additions look promising, and certainly the company's Automator-Actions website does a great job of explaining their value. Since I love Automator more each time I use it, I'll have to find out if this set is worth $19.95.

OK... after reading the documentation, downloading and installing the actions, and looking through the example workflows, I'm impressed. Though I haven't yet tried to build anything, I forked over $19.95 because of the sheer beauty of this product... well engineered, great documentation, great setup. A real value add for Automator. I'm sure I'll get around to trying it soon!

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