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ColorWasher: Photoshop Plugin Aids Color Correction

Published January 1st, 2006

ColorWasher 2.0 corrects color, contrast, exposure, saturation

Photoshop PluginOriginally downloaded 1/1/06.This Photoshop plugin looks like it’s worth a try based on the Macworld review.

Update 8/1/06 So, I installed this plugin back in May and played around with it some. The same company has converted a couple of their other Windows-only plugins to Mac OS X, and I downloaded FocalBlade and LightMachine as well. Frankly, although they all have their merits, I haven’t been inclined to try them since that initial demo. I tried ColorWasher again today, and I don’t find its results that much better–if at all–than what I can get from native Photoshop tools. My software bag is full enough as it is, and Photoshop is rich enough on its own, that I just don’t need these. I’m sure if you do more color correction and photo refinishing for a living, you’d feel differently, of course. Just keep in mind that both ColorWasher and FocalBlade are $50 each, and LightMachine is $70. Not exactly chump change. :-)

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