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Xnippets: Manage Text Snippets Through the Services Menu

Published December 23rd, 2005

Xnippets allows you to capture and organize all those little items of information that you want to store and have easy access to.

Xnippets SharewareOriginally downloaded 12/23/05. Xnippets grabs text using Mac OS X services. You can name your snippets and then retrieve them in any services-aware application through the Services menu. Xnippets is shareware, although there is no restriction on the application if you don’t pay.

Update 2/14/06 Xnippets works just fine for what it does. However, there are currently dozens of applications that cover this ground, many of which do more than Xnippets. For example, Textexpander does basically the same thing, although with its keyboard shortcuts system it’s much faster to use. TextExpander also lets you include images in your snippets, whereas Xnippets is text only. ClipMasterCM is a free tool from Abracode that does the same thing as Xnippets, but uses a contextual menu launcher instead of the services menu. And then there’s the whole class of tools like DevonThink and Soho Notes. Most of those cost money, but there’s also Journler, a great personal information management that’s freeware. A third category is clipboard managers, like iClip. So… bottom line is, I don’t need Xnippets. But if all you need is a text snippets manager, and you don’t want to pay anything for it (and won’t feel guilty about not paying for it even though you’re supposed to), Xnippets is worth a try.

Version as tested: 1.2

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