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iGet: Elegant Mac OS X File Transfers, But Not FTP

Published December 9th, 2005

iGet for Mac OS X: Elegant File Transfers

iGet File Transfer SoftwareI downloaded this a couple of months ago thinking that it was going to be a really cool FTP utility. I was sorely disappointed when I first tried it out a couple weeks back… it doesn’t FTP at all! However, it turns out that iGet is an astonishingly useful tool for transferring files within a network of Macintoshes. iGet can only send and retrieve files to other Macs running OS X 10.3 or above, so its use is pretty limited. Here in my house, with our four Tiger Macs, it beats the other tools I’ve had at my disposal all to hell! How? Well, basically, iGet is more like working in the Finder than anything else I’ve seen, and has tricks like Spotlight integration, Automator actions, and more. All that said, I won’t be buying iGet. I just can’t justify spending $50 or more for its smooth self. I’ve got FTP clients, Apple Remote Desktop, the Finder itself which can connect to any of the other Macs, and of course that wonderful little DropCopy bonjour tool. Sorry, FiveSpeed! Still, you’ve done a great job and created a top-notch piece of Cocoa software here. Thanks for that!

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